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Home of Truck is a registered trademark used by the Company “HER 1” EOOD for its operations on the auto parts market - known by most people somehow related to the truck business.


The Company started its activity in the remote year of 1994 – the first store “Home of Truck” was opened in Varna. Due to the specifics of the then vehicle fleet in the country (mostly manufacturers of the former socialist brands), the very first steps in this direction were also the first steps of the company-beginner.

The first big challenge was the gradual transition to West European brands of trucks and buses at the end of the 90s of the 20th century. Unlike many of its main competitors at that time, Home of Truck managed to relatively quickly restructure its activity in conformity with the new market requirements. This included a number of invisible changes at first sight.
  • Firstly, there was the change of most of the suppliers resulting in the presence of more and more companies from the European Union in the portfolio of Home of Truck.
  • Secondly, but not of least importance, there was the inevitable personnel requalification conditioned by the entirely new nomenclature and nearly 100% use of computers at work.
The successful coping with that very first challenge faced by the Company made it one of the leaders of the market for spare parts for trucks and buses at the beginning of the century.

The following years passed in the reassertion of this position, as well as in the continuous expansion of its activity. In 1999 a second store with a significantly larger area was opened in Varna, as well as a store in the town of Dobrich. Meanwhile, this enriched the range of articles offered, improvement of the customer services and inclusion of more and more worldwide famous manufacturers.

The second big challenge faced by the Company was the joining of our country to the European Union, thus setting new and stricter requirements towards the forwarding and transport companies, and therefore towards their suppliers, thus imposing new restructuring of the activity. 

In 2007 the Company managed to cover the quality control and management criteria ISO 9001 and obtained the respective Certificate certifying this. Thus the Company became of the very few in this specified field of business that corresponded to the European standards in the trade with spare parts. All of the above coincided with the second expansion of the activity of  Home of Truck. A store was opened in “Lyulin” Metropolitan Residential District, followed by another store in the town of Pleven shortly afterwards. These events were following by the opening of a site at Botevgradsko Shousse in Sofia. All of the above showed the Company’s striving for more intensed and permanent presence on the auto parts market.


Home of Truck (HER1)  is an Authorized Service Center of VDL BOVA and offers an after-sale service, which includes the guarantee and post-guarantee service, sale and delivery of original spare parts.

Home of Truck is the official importer of many leading brands in auto parts manufacturing. The very mentioning of some of them is just enough to be sure of the quality of the parts and services offered. One of the main suppliers of the Company include established brands such as:
  • Contitech - One of the largest manufacturers of air bags for motor trucks, buses and trailers.
  • Kongsberg - A Leading company in the field of the hydro-pneumatic operation of couplings and transmission cases.
  • MAHLE - Original quality without compromise. Pistons, valves, segments, bearings, turbocompressors, air gauges, filters and other components for engines and engine peripheral devices.
  • Luber-finer -  Leading Company in the field of the filters.
  • Valeo - A Worldwide leader in a number of automobile-related fields.
  • WEBASTO and Eberspacher - Self-contained heaters - an authorized dealer.
  • WABCO Authorized Service Center - TIR service and auto diagnostics of trucks and light vehicles, buses and trailers.
Home of Truck offers spare parts and consumables for all brands and models of buses, light-duty trucks and heavy-duty trucks, motor trucks and buses.
Spare parts and repairs of transmission cases: ZF, VOITH, EATON. 
Mounts, drag-bars and spare parts for JOST, ROCKINGER, RINGFEDER.

Home of Truck is the official importer of parts for trucks, microbuses, buses and trailers of over 90 world famous companies.

Home of Truck offers an after-sale service, which includes the guarantee and post-guarantee service, sale and delivery of original spare parts.
In view of the above, there is just one thing to say - Home of Truck is a definitive factor in the trade with spare parts for motor trucks, trailers and buses in the country. The times, when the Company used to compare itself with other firms in this field of work, passed a long time ago. Now the other firms compare themselves with us.

The Home of Truck AUTHORIZED SERVICE CENTER offers the following types of services: 
  • Diagnostics and engine overhausl for light-duty trucks, heavy-duty trucks and buses. 
  • Diagnostics and repairs of trailers and semi-trailers.
  • Diagnostics and repairs of the transmission line and under-chassi of light-duty trucks, heavy-duty trucks and buses.
  • Computer measurement with a stand and regulation of the anterior and posterior axle of light-duty trucks, heavy-duty trucks and buses. 
  • Computer diagnostics WABCO > Authorized Service Center.
  • Computer diagnostics of electrical control blocks (cleaning of accumulated errors).
  • Resetting of service intervals.
  • Repairs of barring engines, alternators and electrical equipment.
  • Change of exhaust tubes and exhaust systems.
  • Examination, repairs, set-up and certification of all tachographs and speed limiters licensed in the country.
  • Installation, maintenance and repairs of heaters for light-duty trucks, heavy-duty trucks and buses.
  • ROAD ASSISTANCE for heavy-duty motor trucks and buses.
... and many others. HERE you may find a full list of the services rendered by us at our Authorized Service Centers.

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